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Competitiveness is a broad concept that encompasses a diverse range of factors that support the ability of individuals, firms and nations to achieve success in international markets and provide opportunity to improve living standards and quality of life. How to use competitiveness model as a new paradigm for business and social development? How to apply the right competitive strategy for success at the global market? What is the difference between efficiency vs. creativity competitiveness strategy? What is Blue vs. Red Ocean strategy and how you can apply it?

In this fast and ever changing world, future is told as an important resource we need to learn to manage today, tomorrow if we want to achieve our aspirations in the times ahead. The future is understood to contain all events that have yet to occur, but how can you know about them? Since it is opposite of the past, can this understanding be obtained inductively from the experience? Since it is the time subsequent to the present, can you get it by deductive calculation? How you can acquire the foreknowledge through art of conversation, by understanding the major trends and by trusting you senses?

Innovation refers to new way of doing something, an ability to achieve improvements through new ideas, products, processes or structures that lead to positive change and increased wealth. How you can build innovation capacity inside of your organization? How you may benefit from a concept of an Innovation Lab? How effective use of IT may enable and facilitate innovation, from basic research and development to competitive business processes and models? What is the specific role of human capital in the innovation capacity building?

Intellectual capital is in the management and economics of intangible assets. How does your corporate and organizational longitude works? How to employ talents of employees, organizational knowledge and business/social networks to enhance your capital asset? How this capital asset yields in intellectual rights and intellectual property of your organization?  How you may use information technology, innovation research and technology transfer to generate new intellectual property? How you may effectively protect your copyrights, trademarks, brands and patents?

Leadership is the emotional commitment for and management of the process by which identity plays out in the future. How can you make a strategy as the rational and narrative mean by which leadership manages this process? How you can make the future as the business of leadership? How come managers work for companies while companies work for leaders? Who has had a dream and how you may get it fulfilled?

By definition, politics is an institutional power of mediation between divergent and sometimes conflicting social and political interests. How does policy process work? What is the art of mediation and how come politics become one of the interested parties in the mediation process? How to make business with politics and how to get political gains out of prosperous business?