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Information and communication technologies (ICT) has proven to be a key enabler of socioeconomic progress and development, enhancing productivity and economic growth, bringing prosperity in many ways. ICT is increasingly revolutionizing production processes, access to markets and information sources together with social interactions. It has an impact on government efficiency, fostering transparency and better communication and services with and to citizens. How does it work? How does it affect organizational structures, management styles and corporate cultures? What are the right strategies to address the IT opportunities on national and organizational levels?

International relations is not only a branch of political science but also a discipline of study of world affairs and global political, economic and social dynamics among individuals and organizations within the international system. How does international system and integration work? What are the most prominent concepts and models of international integration? Is European integration process led by functional or federal principles? What is multi-level governance and how it may influence the future of EU?

Management in business and any other organization activity is an ability and competence of getting people together to accomplish desired goals. How planning, organizing, resourcing, leading and controlling an organization may efficiently serve the purpose of accomplishing a goal? How resourcing, specifically deployment and treatment of human, financial, technological and natural resources, may help you achieve effective results? What is the best situational management style you need to apply to get best out of your individual employees, working groups and project teams? What is the role of a responsible business in society?

Media, specifically mass media, is not only about the storage and transmission of information, but an important tool, societal corrective and safeguard of the institutional democracy, public opinion and voice of civil society in our civilization. How come a medium is very rarely well done? What is the best use of a mass medium in a given social, economic and political circumstance? How media interaction is reflected through cultural transformation, concentration of ownership and technology convergence?